Monday, June 14, 2010

New Beginnings

When I decided I wanted to restart this blog, I wiped the old posts and knew exactly what my first post needed to be.

From Lazybones Australia

::sigh:: The room itself looks like it might have potential, but my true love is the bedspread. My sister actually owns a pale pink version that has to be the best part of a decade old, and I know first-hand that this bedspread is amazingly soft jersey fabric, and in enough colours that I have spent an indecent amount of time on the website contemplating what colour would suit the decorating plans for my bedroom.

Tragically, they've more than doubled the price since my sister purchased hers. Still, it's definitely going on my birthday wishlist (I think I've finally settled on the 'organic' colour, with the cherry-coloured cushions).

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